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Inflation: Inflation has ballooned to over 8%. Prices for food, cars, energy are skyrocketing. War on fossil fuels killed our of energy independence, gas prices have soared to nearly $5 per gallon. Businesses will be reluctant to borrow money for growth at the higher rates and they will start firing employees causing unemployment to go up while the market goes down. It’s clear that Congress needs a strong money manager, and Angela is equipped to help dig our country out of our economic hole.

Gas Prices: In Indiana, it’s now well over $5 for a gallon of gas. Families and workers are being crushed. Angela is committed to energy independence - we should not be beholden to other nations for energy. She is also committed to an all options on the table strategy, which means pursuing expanding domestic drilling, electric, solar, nuclear, and wind energy options.

Poverty: There are too many kids and families in our community experiencing poverty. Angela is focused on providing targeted government aid to the most vulnerable in our community - this should take priority over sending taxpayer dollars overseas to support other nations.

Supply Chain: Not since her days in the Soviet Union had Angela seen bare grocery shelves - now it’s a common occurrence. We need smart financial and logistics leaders in Washington to help strengthen our supply chain and make it self sustainable, without having to rely on economic adversaries, such as China.

Public Safety

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Supporting Our Police Officers and Firefighters: Angela strongly stands behind our men and women in uniform, and stands against the notion of defunding the police.

Smart Gun Reform: Though Angela is a strong believer in the 2nd Amendment, she also believes there are smart reforms that can be implemented to keeping our families safe. This includes tightening up red flag laws, expanding background checks, and hardening our schools with increased, professional security.

Ending Reduced Bonds for Violent Criminals: Across the country, radical prosecutors and judges are reducing bonds for potentially violent criminals, which has led to those same criminals being released from jail and committing heinous crimes. Public safety must be taken into account when setting bonds, and Angela is looking forward to working with local leaders to find a workable solution to slow down crime in our community.


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Social & Economic Development: Education is the most important tool we have for promoting equality. It gives people the chance to improve their career opportunities through hard work and dedication.

Depoliticize Education: Teachers should teach subject matter and not bring their political views to the classroom.

School Choice: Parents should know exactly what is going on in the classroom. 3 out of 5 Marion County students can’t read or write at their grade level – we need to empower our parents to do something about it!

Reducing Crime & Pushing Potential: Upward mobility is generally defined as the ability for a child to move between socioeconomic levels during their lifetime. An individual’s level of education has a significant impact on their future income earnings, and thus on their potential for upward mobility.


Border wall

Border Security: It’s important that we have security at our border to ensure that no bad actors enter our country. Angela will support our border patrol agents and fight to give them the tools necessary to keep our nation safe, as well as keep safe those that are desperately trying to come to America.

Promoting and Reforming Legal Immigration: Angela is committed to pushing to streamline the process for legal immigration, for example, by providing renewable work-visas.

Welcoming Immigrants to Our Country: Angela knows firsthand what it’s like to be an immigrant in a new country. Families come to America for a reason - for a fresh start and to pursue their dreams. Angela will always be a voice for immigrants in Congress by using her personal experience as a guide to her decisions when it comes to immigrant issues.

Foreign Policy

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War in Ukraine: Russia is committing atrocities in Ukraine. Angela fully supports the Ukrainian people in their fight against Vladimir Putin. America should do whatever they can to support Ukraine’s fight for sovereignty, but does not support putting American troops on the ground in Ukraine.

Tough on China: China is America’s number one economic adversary. Angela is committed to protecting American jobs and industries from Chinese influence.

Strengthening American Leadership: America’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan is a black mark on our history. Poor foreign policy decisions have weakened America’s position of strength. The Russian invasion of Ukraine was made possible in part because of the perceived diminishment of U.S. influence and strength.

Support for Israel: As a Jewish Ukranian American, Angela is a strong supporter of Israel. As a member of Congress, Angela will fight to strengthen our relationship with Israel and defend her sovereignty against incursions by the Palestinians and terrorist organizations like Hamas.