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Fighting for the

American Dream


Angela Grabovsky headshot
Young Angela Grabovsky in black and white
Angela was born in Odessa, Ukraine, which at the time was a part of the Soviet Union. Growing up she saw firsthand the impacts of communist ideology, big government, and radical policies. In 1989, she fled the USSR and came to America as political and religious refugees.

“I know how this story ends if we don’t reverse course.”

Upon arriving in America Angela and her family had 3 months to learn basic English and find jobs. They refused government assistance, and through grit, sweat, and hard work, reached success. She became a Board-Certified Financial Planner and a wealth manager. During the last 25 years she built a firm that services individuals and business in Indiana, helping them make smart choices about their money.
Angela Grabovsky graduate and family

“I fled the Soviet Union…and America became my home.”

Angela Grabovsky working at her a desk
Angela is running for Congress in Indiana to defend the freedoms we all share. She’s lived with elites that wouldn’t let you speak out your thoughts and doesn’t want to see our freedoms in the United States deteriorate. There is nothing that can stop Angela to reach her goals and make a difference in our lives.

“Now, it’s time I do my part to save America - that’s why I’m running for Congress.”