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Fighting for the

American Dream


Angela Grabovsky headshot

“We came to America not knowing what to expect…”

Young Angela Grabovsky in black and white
Angela immigrated from the Russian controlled area of Ukraine when she was 23. For years, her and her family lived in fear of government propaganda and censorship. They had confiscated their birth certificates and marriage licenses. She had to smuggle her diploma out of the country and made her way to Indiana.

“When we arrived, we wanted to work for our living…”

Angela and her family had a choice of applying for government assistance, but after living under communist regime, they decided they would rather work than take any handouts from the state. She learned English by practicing and studying every day. That dedication to hard work transformed her life and Angela became a nurse, a business owner and an advocate for America.
Angela Grabovsky graduate and family

“I am extremely grateful to our amazing Hoosiers…”

Angela Grabovsky working at her a desk
Angela is running for Congress in Indiana to defend the freedoms we all share. She’s lived with elites that wouldn’t let you speak out your thoughts and doesn’t want to see our freedoms in the United States deteriorate. There is nothing that can stop Angela to reach her goals and make a difference in our lives.

“Together, we can protect the American dream that’s been forgotten.”